Hey Duders

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I’ve moved! Check it out and change ya blog links if ou wana keep up to date on my junk.

Seventeen By Seven



My Buddy Alastair

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His shit is crazy cool! Driven to and from work on a daily basis aswell!

Keep at it Ali!

Im Not Afraid

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Manji Manji

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Thanks Joe for the vid.


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Kinda. . .  I took my car to a grip day at puke on sunday. Was really fun to get out and actually drive it out of 4th gear. I did a little bit of drifting, managed to do the drifting section a few times, including the 180km/h+ sweeper entry. 5th gear drifting rules!

Only picture i can find from the day ..


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Matt came round the other night. Took some cool photos and what he wrote is amazing.