Thanks to all Photographers <3


6 Responses to “Thanks to all Photographers <3”

  1. That last pic is perfect!
    I always dreamed of a low s2000 powered rolla!

    Do you still use the stock rear end/axle?

    • Na dude, it’s got a slightly shortened hilux rear end. I’m not sure if I want to keep it or swap it back to the factory rear end to try make it switch faster.

  2. I’m not a huge fan of longchamps but shit they are pretty perfect in the last shot! Work very well with the car.

  3. […] has compiled a bunch of his best photos in 2009 over at his blog, GarageRS – so check it out and let him know which one is YOUR favourite! Tags: Drift, Hatch, Levin, […]

  4. The image with the Hachi locked in battle with the whit FC is perfect. Also, what are the specs of the kit you have on that – it looks so mean and just perfect for the Hachi. Is it a widebody and what are the parts of the kit? Nice work.

  5. Just love the pic of the hachi in line and waiting to exit the pits! Absolute awesome ride man!

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