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Kinda. . .  I took my car to a grip day at puke on sunday. Was really fun to get out and actually drive it out of 4th gear. I did a little bit of drifting, managed to do the drifting section a few times, including the 180km/h+ sweeper entry. 5th gear drifting rules!

Only picture i can find from the day ..

Ghost Train – 2009

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Old School haha kinda

From my Fathers iPhone

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Hampton Downs – 3/3/2010

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Pictures from Matt

Video from Olly

Thanks Guys yet again!

p.s. My car still runs. ūüėõ

Remember that time at Taupo . . . .

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¬†. . . when our cars were all sick like and we had Mr Jepson¬†there filming¬†and he¬†made this wicked video? Well he’s still mucking round with that footage and has come up with this .¬† . . .¬†


Shot dogg!! 


Hampton downs – 30/01/2010

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Sick arvo, had such a good time. Car ran mint the hole time. The first time i¬†went out, I¬†was out there for like 45min¬†and it didn’t even get hot and that was with 200km/h + runs down the front straight. Drifting on¬†brand new tyres rocks my world. 195/45 on a 15×9 rocks my world.

Did this, smashed my front bar up pretty good, rest of the kit just came off with no damage and I couldnt be bothered putting it back on. I just wanted to go drifting.

The usual¬†crew were there, Blink, C’s Garage and¬†Garage Slipway. Chris(B110) taking pic’s/vid’s. Matt and Kayle both taking sick pic’s, thanks to all you guys and people who helped on the day.